A Collection of DIY Projects

Doesn’t everyone like to take credit for having some talent?! No, don’t say you have none! I hear that ALL the time… And you are wrong. It does not really take much talent to transform something into a gem, trust me. It is not rocket science, it’s mind over matter. This guest bedroom is a collection of DIY Projects and I will ‘hold your hand’ and explain how easy it is…

Unique Fabrics:

When I discovered the art of Shibori fabric and dyeing I was so mesmerized! Itajime is a form of dyeing where the fabric is dyed after folding, tieing or clamping. These pillows are my simplified version using a Fibre reactive Dye that has great permanence and is easy to use. ‘Perfect as a first project in dyeing!

Not only can you dye pillows, but a pre-made duvet cover as well. My method does not involve a huge indigo vat or dipping fabric. All us DIY’ers know about messes so I really try to minimize them! Hand dyed linens would fetch a pretty penny and this one will just be the cost of the dye and a white cotton cover

Natural Elements:

My passion for organic design in natural elements also has brought me to making ‘Geodes’ Yes, I know it involves concrete, but it’s not that scary at all.

If you are new to concrete crafting then you may like this post to make it less daunting. You can even make your own mold and cast a polyhedron and really impress your friends!

To add a natural element to a space with minimal upkeep I love my terrariums. They patiently wait until I get to them without really complaining or dying as some other house plants do. This one has been going strong for a few years and just needs a ‘taming of the jungle’ once in a long while.

Saved from the Landfill:

There are projects that involve a bit more work but the benefits can be huge. My rationale is if paint or fabric can help it’s an option. Many times the cost is so minimal that it’s worth the risk. This chair was one of those projects…

But I think you’d agree that it’s quite lovely. I just had to use Shibori dyed fabric! The wood lovers may cringe at the painted wood but I bet he would have ended up in the landfill if I did not rescue him, so no real harm done.

White is wonderfull:

Sure, anything can be painted in my opinion. If it’s either painted or heading for the landfill, then go for it! I have painted many things and trim white (venturing to some other colours soon) easily.


Not only did this frame paint end up quite nice for the room but it needed some artwork. I will be posting a step-by-step so you too can become a painter for a day and create this!

No need to go to an art class… And yes, I know… I seem to have a ‘thing’ for trees and shadow. Collect some acrylic paint and get a canvas ready; I will be posting that soon.

Sparkling Circles:

The designer in me enjoys the circular element that mirrors bring into a space that is usually dominated by straight edges. I have few ideas up my ‘DIY’ sleeve and will also be posting some sunburst mirrors soon (yup, so busy!). Do you recognize the chopsticks here?!

Not too ‘Matchy’:

I don’t believe that everything has to perfectly match in style. As a dedicated art student we learnt the elements of design; line, shape, space, colour, texture and pattern. Colour can be a huge element to bring together different styles or play up some contrast to make some extra interest. Gone are the days of ‘outfits’ that completely matched, so the same happens in spaces. Renowned designers usually have something that creates a contrast or ‘tension’ in the design, to get away from the furniture store ‘matchy’ look.

And above all, when you like a piece include it! Your space should reflect your personality… And better yet be a constant reminder that yes; you DO have some talent!

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  1. I just love everything you do.
    We are very much alike. My current quest is to find a clear plastic sphere that’s about 30″ around to create a water feature. I have tried everything, including gluing two bowls together. Any suggestions are welcome.

    1. Gee, that’s tough one. I know, since I was always searching for a small one for the drawing class I teach. I ended up using the clear christmas balls. But they don’t come that large. I have seen gazing balls made of glass that are larger. Plexi glass will form if heated. You should contact a plastics seller as they will do custom work many times. Let me know how it goes as it sounds intriguing… Happy making