Eco Printed Maples of Canada

As a way to celebrate my country’s birthday I’ve created a ‘picture book’ for you! Take a look through my collection of leaf prints that our national flag also sports; the Maple. Such colourful diversity of the Eco Printed Maples of Canada!

We are so blessed with this type of leaf; the Maple as it produces amazing colours year after year… They are pretty on the ground in the fall but even prettier when made permanent by Eco Printing! Thanks to the Pioneers of Print like India Flint and Irit Dulman.

Red of Course!

Ah yes, perfectly Red prints on a silk scarf with the help of Madder Root and the Silver Maple leaf!

This is a new Technique that will soon be revealed; don’t throw away your already used leaves…

Sometimes it takes just a bit of iron to bring out the strength of the Japanese Maple shape.

Such definition on silk with some Madder Root and an Iron Blanket.

Yup, I remember when this was one of the first decent Eco Printing results; cotton Sheeting and some iron water. A simple start and some perseverance…

Soon a New Colour Addition:

Ohhh, soon to reveal; a new natural colour; Logwood! I’m in love.

Autumn Maples surprise you with unexpected colours on cotton with just a dip of iron water. What you see is NOT what you get.

It looks so warm and fuzzy since it’s blanket wool! Wrap yourself in natural printed warmth.

Such Magic:

One of the most amazing dyes; Cochineal on silk! You just never know when using a dye that reacts to changes in PH…

As an easy starter project go ahead and print on paper!

Can you believe this was a bright red leaf that printed this purple?!

And sometimes they like to provide some detailed texture as these freckles on silk with the iron blanket and some pre-dye of Cochineal.

Can you see the double-print?! The Iron Blanket prints the ferns back again! Mother nature has the control here…

Be still my heart!!! Soon to reveal this lovely new dye and technique.

It’s not colourful but it makes up in interest! Just that byproduct print on the Iron Blanket. But these make for lovely quilt fabrics as well!

Printed linen pouches and some scarves (new ones listing shortly) are still available in the shop… always one of a kind, just like you & I!

🍁 Happy Canada Day! 🍁

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    1. Yes, I know! Funny how I used leaves so many times for my concrete and then I dove into this amazing art form too! It’s challenging but so worth it…

      1. I rearly like your ECO print. I am doing some myself and enjoy it very much. I would like to show you my pillows . I must find out how I can show them to you. With regard Margit pilheden Løvskal Denmark

  1. You and your work are such an inspiration to me! Awe inspiring creations from Mother Earth! I am collecting supplies to give it a go…wish I lived closer to take some in person lessons from you! Keep on creating!