Looking back at a Year of Making

It has been quite a year! Whew, when I go through my photo library I often feel like I’m on an extremely fast roller coaster and queasy in my stomach… Have I really taken that many pictures and made that many things?!

It has been quite a year of making! This is my brain sometimes… ideas just exploding in my head! Learning how to allow yourself to consider all kinds of ideas is a great thing! Before you know it… boom!

What I have learnt about myself…

As you may have noticed I tend to have in many projects that are connected to nature. I am old enough now to realize that I am unique in my own way. Yes, there may be modern ideas that are all the rage now but they are so ‘on trend’ and in no time will also become ‘old fashioned’. You need to be true to yourself and admit what you like in life. If you do, then you are more likely to be happy with it and not have to ‘change’ with each fad. You will then also not be the same as everyone else…

I am foremost an artist; of a few decades I admit. That means my projects may seem a slight bit more unique than the copy-bloggers out there. I do put much effort to developing my own designs. Personally I need to stay true to my artist-self.

I am also a teacher, formal and not so formal. The ‘blog management thing’ is just a part of my journey that I need to partake in so to be able to share with you all.

Truly, my heart lies in the ‘making’ and inspiring others to enjoy the happy accomplishment of making as well. I may not be able to post on instagram a million times a day, or make fancy videos but I am putting much of my effort to the designs and am very excited at how my fan base is growing!

Natures’s Eco printing:

I have made quite the strides in the last year of printing with botanicals. It is so much fun and keeps you on your toes but can be so shockingly surprising!

Paper Eco printing has been another new & mind-bogglingly beautiful way to create absolute unique art!

Printing leads to sewing… So why not make a ‘body-double’?! Don’t be intimidated as I am not a seamstress but do enjoy basic sewing projects.

Concrete of course:

I may seem odd since this art form is not the typical blogger kind. There’s many reasons for my love of concrete, come join me.

Is it nature made? Or is it hand made? Does it matter as long as it’s beautiful?! You know I love orbs especially geode ones!

I’m starting to be known as the ‘crazy concrete lady’ but I am perfectly fine with it! Who else gets such satisfaction from a cabbage leaf? This is my all-time favourite orb.

We all need a sense of Humour:

Crazy, maybe… but smiling or peeping rocks never disappoint.

Inspired by the best designer; Nature:

Even furniture became it’s best own geode. Who would have thought?!

Small or large, the principles are the same. I enjoy being able to take a piece along with me.

The world is better with Colour:

Imagine that making folds can produce such great design! Still loving Shibori and Dyeing with Icehttps://www.madebybarb.com/2018/08/09/diy-easy-dyeing-with-ice/

Tied by hand but magic by dye; taking character from rock forms. Alright, blue is my favourite…https://www.madebybarb.com/2018/09/16/the-new-modern-tie-dye/

That’s me hiding in my cozy cashmere dyed scarf. Winters in Canada and brilliant blues; perfect!

Happy New year! I hope you will join me in 2019 and discover that you can surprise yourself. If you would like to make any suggestions please feel free to contact me!

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all your making. I have been very ill for the last 1 1/2 years and I loved seeing all of your clever works. They brought me joy and something to hope for myself….. I will be a maker again.
    Happy New Year!! and Thank You So Much!

  2. Hi Barb, I just discovered you with the eco printing post. Have to say it is the best tutorial I’ve seen. Thank you! Our art collective here in Portland had a retreat and we used your tutorial and they ALL awesome. Thank you for following your Passion!

    Happy New Year!


    1. When I started I had to decipher all the techniques as many don’t share or have expensive workshops. ‘How fortunate for your retreat! Any kick-back is much appreciated so I can continue to develop more detailed content.

  3. Happy New Year!
    thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have made many things out of concrete before finding your site but love your spin. And of course all the shibori too.

  4. I tried in earnest to read this from top to bottom, but you’re adds are set up so ad not to be bypassed. I’m usually patient, but I gave up.

    1. Odd, I have tested and not had any issues. Since my site has a huge amount of info and content it IS best to view on a large screen device. I provide a lot of detailed info without any charge so the ads provide a minuscule way of being able to continue to create more content.

      1. I agree with the woman who mentioned that you have a lot of ads. I scroll on my apple computer, the ads are so frequent, like after every paragraph. As awesome as your site it, the ads are frustrating!!!!

  5. You’re the only blogger I follow and when I do have time…actually read. Your diverse interests and artistic soul make me feel a little more sane as I can so relate. I am also learning how I can monetize on this random love of creating. Keep posting Barb, you’re an inspiration.

    1. That’s such a compliment! I do feel like I am a bit different than most bloggers. ‘Making’ is a great thing as you & I know, (I follow you on instagram) but blogging can be quite another whole challenge… Thank goodness I tend to like challenges! Happy New Year!

  6. Hi
    I’m sorry to bother you, but I desperately need some help!

    I am on holiday in Spain and making the lovely balloon concrete/cement candle holders. We bought quick drying cement, and waited excitedly. Next day, the cement is weak and just falling to bits. We even went to the beach for sand and made our own concrete. Still fragile. I see that you use rapid cement. We thought we had made a mistake and should have bought concrete, but now wonder if the cement is at fault. We are going on the hunt tmrw go try and find another product. Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you
    Sue UK

    1. There may be a few factors; if it was regular concrete it may be too weak for such a thin wall structure. It may have been too dry and did not hyrdate enough or dry out too quickly as the water needs to do it’s job. Yoi may mist it if it’s really hot. Maybe the mix of sand to portland cement was off too. I would suggest that you search for an extra strong product that cures very quickly like the Rapidset Cementall or even quickcrete’s version. Check this post as well. Good luck. When in doubt I like to do small test runs…

  7. It is so nice meeting another artist that loves such a variety of media’s. Never can get enough! Your tips seriously so helpful, especially since I’m new playing with concrete. I also carve cow skulls. Both are so intriguing to me. Quilter, potter, mosaic, painter, card maker, jewelry, dolls, paper mache… so happy to find your site❤️