25 Projects made with LEAVES!

I came upon a realization lately – there seems to be a common thread to so many of my projects! I was amazed when I started counting that I have over 25 (unique to me) Projects made with LEAVES! Grab a drink and settle in for a pretty long tour…

Metallic Concrete Leaf Trivet
#1 – Metallic Concrete Leaf Trivet

How did this happen?!

I am not really sure how since I have just let my creative ideas lead me to what project I wanted to explore. This is one of those moments where you realize that your upbringing has influenced what you have become. Thanks dad for showing us the beauty and bounty of nature on a regular basis! Thanks Canada for having endless and vast places to explore and adm

Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle
#2 – Lacy Leaves Concrete Circle

This invasive specie (Buckthorn) lends it small leaves to this dainty project.

#3 – Sand-Cast Concrete Leaf Plate

This project doesn’t take much setup – sand, leaves and Rapidset concrete…

#4 – Faux Fossil Forest Coasters

Such details!

#5 – Rhubarb Leaves Concrete Pathway

Cheap and long-lasting, grab the rhubarb leaves now!

#6 – Burlap Leaves Concrete Bowls

#7 – Leaf Cast Concrete Bowls

Each one is ‘one-of-a-kind’!

#8 – Botanical Relief Casting in Concrete

This is one of my favourite projects!

# 9 – Concrete Faux Bois UpCycled Chair – Part 2

This design won a Instructables.com Contest

#10 – Leaf-Cast Concrete Lamp

Proudly sits on my front hall table…

Metallic Cast Leaf Planter

#11 – Metallic Cast Leaf Planter

#12 – DIY Gigantic Concrete Leaf Orb

#13 – Unique Draped Concrete Planter

#14 – Eco Printing – Nature’s Miracle

There’s such a vast way to use leaves in Eco printing, the magic keeps you hooked!

#15 – Rope & Leaf Concrete Garden Orb

So many choices:

#16 – Magical Summer SunPrinting on Fabric

One of the fastest, easiest, most rewarding projects…

#17 – Fibre Arts Leaf Bowls

Another design winner on Instructables.com!

#18 – The UpCycled Leather Leaf Purse

#19 – Wool FME Eco Printed Mittens

#20 – Resist Method of Eco Printing

#21 – Simple Eco Printing on Paper

#22 – Eco-Printed Wool Pod Birdhouse

Add in some up-cycling to make it even better.

#23 – Wool Eco Printed Slippers

#24 – Make your own Silicone Leaf Stamp

#25 – Printing your own Silicone Stamp

Such wonderful stationary that no one else will have!

#26 – Eco Print & Leather DIY Journal

Oops, more than 25!

I hope your head isn’t spinning… I know the feeling all too well!

Deciding which creative thing to work on is often the most difficult decision! Happy making, enjoy the leaves, gather with respect to nature and have fun!

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